21 January 2008

No Pants Day:

Today is a Monday, and that means I have little in the way oftime, as typically seems to be the case on a Monday. So I decided I’d quickly mention the annual “No Pants Day”! The idea of no pants day is, I find, rather intriguing. I’ve always been interested in humour and obscure humour often has something going for it. Indeed just recently I rather quickly devoured Terry Pratchett's “Making Money”, a very entertaining piece of humour fiction. As some of you may well know his humour could be considered quite bizzare at times. I've also always been a big fan of Douglas Adams' works, which again are a little out of the ordinary.

Anyway, “No Pants Day” doesn't seem to have a set date, partly as there seem to in essence be several of them. One website http://www.nopantsday.com/wp/ puts it on the first Friday of every may, whereas http://www.improveverywhere.com/2008/01/16/no-pants-2k8/ who have for a few years now done a hilarious stint involving people hopping onto train with only boxers on put this years no pants day on the 12th of January. Unfortunately it seems I’ve missed it!

Still theres nothing stopping you from starting your own "No Pants Day" within your own region with your own friends. You could go on a picnic or something and make the date a regular thing each year. Also for a fancy poster simply clicky here:

The idea is really quite funny, and while some would be offended I think most would find it a right laugh and something to keep life interesting. Obviously I can’t take credit for this crazy yet wonderful idea, however the links above may well try to. If you find yourself attracted to rather strange comedic routines which potentially involve removing clothing please feel free to check out the above links.

Sorry if this post may seem out of line to some, but it’s a Monday, and its late, and I've been working all day, and I have to get up early tommorow for work... come on give me a break!

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