30 January 2008

Damn XP:

It’s been a few days since I last posted and I blame it totally on XP! It was time to do a complete reinstall on my computer, and basically XP refused to install. It was quite a battle to get everything up and running again.

You’d be amazed how dependant we become on computers. I couldn’t check my emails, update this site or anything, suddenly I felt awkwardly disconnected. Having said that you’d also be surprised at how much time I seemingly gained. I’m always complaining about not having enough time to read, however its more that I don’t prioritise it high enough. For the last few days, as my computer was down, I suddenly found myself with several more hours each evening to simply read. I finished two books I had started and have also progressed in a third one!

In some ways I wonder if I shouldn’t place a limit on my computer time, I’m sure I’d be much more efficient for it. Having said that at the minute, now that XP is reinstalled and all, I find myself having to copy files everyone and install programs again, it takes forever. Anyway, after all of that is done I should be able to start posting something useful again.

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