18 December 2007

About the Author:

The author of this website, Samuel Bryson, is somewhat unsure of how to best describe himself. This website is in many ways an interesting insight into his own character, much as a journal or diary is for any individual. Broadly speaking his interests concern personal development, philosophy, cycling, generally staying fit and healthy both physiologically and psychologically all while enjoying the world we find ourselves in. He is creative and enjoys experimenting, and feels that certain ideas are important and or interesting, and thus deserve sharing with the world. Hence this website, "Total Wellbeing" came into existence.

This “about the author” page is somewhat of a work in progress, and at the time being relatively bare. Consider the above as a guideline into Sam’s interests, to help you understand the viewpoint he comes from. As this website grows this page will no doubt become more detailed in its description of its author. He knows he will benefit from discussing the ideas contained on this website, ideas which he considers of importance, and hopes you will too.

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